Garner Funeral Home

Address: 1001 11th Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Tel: (801) 363-7065

About Funeral Home

Garner Funeral Home located in Salt Lake City, UT Funeral services offered:

  • Pre-Funding cremation/ Funeral Services
  • Offering traditional funeral service that includes public or family visitation
  • Offering cremation following a funeral service
  • Ensuring cremation preceding a funeral service
  • Provision of cremation without service
  • Setting up a catered post-burial meal at a different location
  • Obtaining any essential licenses and copies of the death certificate
  • Coordinating preparations with the cemetery, crematory, or any other individuals
  • Taking care of overhead charges linked to the funeral home facility and operations
  • Use of funeral home workforce for funeral or memorial service at a different location

It is advised to contact Garner Funeral Home directly to learn more about the services they provide.

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