Adkins, J W, Funeral Home

Address: 2510 12th Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Tel: (615) 292-8367

About Funeral Home

Adkins, J W, Funeral Home located in Nashville, TN Funeral services offered include:

  • Burial services
  • Creating healing experience
  • Offering families a beautiful environment where they can gather to honor the loved one during the funeral
  • Keeping an record of people at the funeral and memorial service
  • Providing primary and complete necessary cremation options
  • Provision of immediate burial services where your loved one's remains will be buried or entombed without gathering or a public service
  • Preparation of a meeting with the funeral director
  • Provision of visitation and fellowships
  • Preparation of remains
  • Provision of vehicles, clothing, and stationery to aid in the funeral preparations
  • Disinterment, and Re-interment services
  • Servicing graves
  • Collecting storage fees
  • Provision of burial containers

It is advised to contact Adkins, J W, Funeral Home directly to learn more about the services they provide.

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